ALIMAR GALICIA was born with the century and with the idea of bringing to the salting segment the concept of reliability both in quality and in the rest of the parameters that are already common in many other segments of perishable food.

We have a young team, trained and committed to achieving all the objectives of the company that can be concentrated in one: the satisfaction of our customers.

To the three lines of cod, traditional salted cod, desalted and frozen traditional salt cod and cod in its frozen salt point, families of products are joined, that of the cooked octopus, that of the bivalves both Galician (razors, clams …) and foreigners (Scallops of the Pacific …) etc.

All the raw materials we use come from the most recognized fisheries, always sustainable and with special care to leave a zero ecological footprint, permanently taking care of the product from the sea to your home.
Here we show you our generic catalog of products with the confidence that you will find the one of your convenience. We can also be your production arm, putting at your disposal a modern factory, certified, for you to design the product, the cut, the format, the packaging, the way to produce it … that we will take care of everything, placing it elaborated and packed according to your requirements in the place you indicate.